Designing your life

Design your life in colour - group coaching program

Design thinking is an approach to craft a way forward when there are no maps.  It is routed in curiosity and enabled by prototyping, which means trying things.  To use a design thinking approach in coaching means to apply the mindset used by designers to our own lives

Do you feel that you are just plugging along and what you do for a living no longer fulfils you? 

  • Perhaps you have a career but can't imagine yourself 10 years from now doing what you do,

  • or maybe you are looking for something more meaningful or exciting but have no idea what that is,

  • and there might be a part of your brain saying that leaving all that you have built to jump into the unknown is unrealistic.

If you want to give yourself the opportunity to craft a path that works for you join us for the Design Your Life in Colour 8-week group coaching program and experience design thinking to design a joyful life.

Invest in yourself and your happiness and live a life that feels like you!

How does the 'Designing your Life' approach work?
  • DYL sets you up to be curious, really curious, about what lights you up, and to explore things more deeply using tools that allow you to reflect and reframe. 

  • It is an approach of wayfinding which allows you to use your own compass to craft a path when there are few data points and no maps. 

  • It is a methodology that asks you to try things; to find the smallest possible step you can take to have more clarity.  What you get is prototypes which allow you a sneak peak into a future before jumping forward.

This approach has been developed at Stanford University and used by thousand of people.

What can I expect from the Designing your life in Colour group program?

We will work with tried and tested tools that allow you to reflect, connect the dots, reframe situations, and come up with new ideas to prototype. This will give you the building blocks to put together your own action plan.

A carefully selected, small group of empathetic professionals will be on the journey with you to offer support, ideas, and constructive feedback throughout.

What is the investment?

The group program will includes:

  • One 1-1 meeting with me to discuss your specific needs

  • 4 group meetings

  • Weekly support emails

  • Community support via chat group

  • Possibility to email me anytime with questions

Total investment is: 760 CHF