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When we think of taking our next step, whether in our current work environment or as a big change in our lives, we often fear not having the right skills or support structure to carry us through.


I am a leadership and transition coach who helps passionate professionals ready for a new direction to feel excited about their life and work again.


I can support you to:

  • Get to the next step at work, either in the same role or in a different job

  • Understand whether it is right for you to leave your work to pursue something new and when is the right time to jump

  • Find the courage to pursue a new idea or passion and put in place a transition plan



Coaching gives you the confidence to pursue your next step so you can leave doubt behind and take action.  It supports you by re-confirming your core values to crystallize whether pursuing something new is right for you, and helps build a plan to transition to a new path at the right time and pace. 


Coaching gives you the confidence to pursue your next step so you can take action



Having lived through several changes I am no stranger to questioning and often fearing the ‘next step’.  I have changed jobs and countries, worked hard at my career, questioned what I really like and what is meaningful to me, and more recently discovered a passion for people’s stories.

I am a scientist by training and have had the opportunity to work in diverse roles and transition businesses and countries.  Across the different settings I have observed as a constant the fact that many people felt stifled in their environment but never quite reached the point when they went for the next work opportunity or left their job to pursue an idea or passion. 

One of my dreams when I was younger was to be a writer.  I loved to read about people’s stories and find myself in many of them.  I delighted in how the author was able to make characters come alive and explain parts of them in a way that helped me understand parts of myself.  The journey to understand myself better also led me to coaching and allowed me to bring together my enthusiasm for people’s story and the desire to support passionate individuals to take steps that can bring them fulfilment and write the next chapter of their own story.

I loved to read about people stories and find myself in many of them


Many of our passions or ideas are left unexplored because of the fear of not being good enough or because we are made to think that only certain paths will allow us to create a ‘safe’ life for ourselves.  I love to help people reconnect with the things that make them come alive.  Supporting clients through the insights that allow them to crystallise their goals and make the changes that will have an impact in their lives is priceless. 

I love to help people reconnect with the things that make them come alive


We are unique individuals with incredibly similar needs and fears and if we withdrew judgement we would truly ‘see’ others and build real connections.  This is key to the coaching process.  Approaching the coaching space ‘judgement free’ allows me as a coach to listen deeply and respond to the whole person.  The coaching space is based on trust, willingness to self-reflect, and to set stretch goals and be challenged.

We all have unique strengths and passions 


I am passionate about supporting professionals like you ready to make the changes needed to achieve their potential.  I can support you to have the success you deserve both at work and in your personal life. 

I am passionate about supporting you to thrive in your environment and pursue your passions to live life according to your values

Does this sound like what you need right now in your life? Let’s talk - schedule a free 30 minute call with me below and let’s see how we can work together to achieve your goals!

This is a free discovery call to get to know each other and find out how I can support you.
Discovery call
30 Min.
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