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Ciao and welcome!

My name is Alessandra and I am passionate about helping professionals find their path to a fulfilling work and personal life.  As a coach, I support passionate people from the inside-out to understand their true goals, work with their strengths, and get the best out of their environment at work, or make a change to live life according to their values.

"Alessandra is powerful, action-oriented and has humor. Her presence is sharp, full, with all senses involved. If you work with her online, as I did, you will feel her close to you and totally focused on your goal, despite of the physical distance. She holds you accountable, celebrates your wins with you and invites you to continuously improve. Her background makes her a great coach for expats, transitions, business and personal growth goals. I can only say… give it a try 😊!"

Giulia, Germany, Account Manager 

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