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The coaching space

Last week I was visiting the gardens of a small island and I saw an incredibly beautiful butterfly with entirely transparent wings. It reminded me of lightness and flow.  

Both at work and in our personal lives we give importance to events based on our interpretation of the circumstances and on the role we cast for ourselves.  We carry around a heavy burden of thoughts, responsibilities and worry that weighs us down.

Breaking the cycle of thought and worry equals becoming light.  

This means acknowledging our thoughts, letting go of them when they no longer help us move forward.  

Being light means living fully in the moment and achieving the level of focus that allows us to work on our goals.  

The coaching process helps the coachee to become light as it provides perspective and focuses on the future rather than the past.

When we take the time and space to stop and clear our minds, our thought castles slowly start to crumble.  In that space we are fully present, focused on our future goals, and completely light. That is the coaching space.


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