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From isolation to real connection

Updated: May 3, 2020

Music playing from balconies across Italy during one of the darkest moments most of us can remember for me will be a beautiful memory. At a time when we have been isolated and not able to connect physically, the beauty of people who are still able to come together, have fun and be grateful despite fear and uncertainty, has been a gift.

Sometimes it seems that our world is becoming less kind. Our own ‘truths’ define us to such an extent that we are no longer able to have conversations based on curiosity, lack of judgement and understanding. The feeling that we have to fight for our views makes us go on the attack and creates misunderstanding and more isolation.

Only a space that allows for real, judgement-free curiosity can make us understand others in a way that allows for true connection. And only true connection can support a shift in perspective. This space is the coaching space.

In this time of isolation, when we miss the lifestyle we are used to, while appreciating simple joys like a slower pace, more time with our families or reduced noise from plains taking off over our heads, we have an opportunity. We can decide to choose kindness and curiosity and to suspend judgement in order to inspire and be inspired. We can contribute to build a world of kindness for our kids instead of one of rage. Many mini-coaching spaces all around the world can change it for the better. The simple act of making music together from balconies has given us hope.


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