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A time to recharge

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

It is summer at the beach, when the big daily questions become which stretch of the beach to visit for the day, where to go for a walk, and what local dish to eat. Gelato is a must because it has to last me for the whole year.

I grew up near the beach in south Italy. As children our summer holidays were long and mostly spent on the beach. Mornings swimming and playing in the sun and long hot afternoons reading a book or hanging out. It was a time when we could forget what day it was and the summer was only defined as a before and after Ferragosto, the mid-August peak of the Italian beach life.

Now in the middle of my micro Italian summer, the 'edge' due to the daily running around gone, my days have started to slow down and so have my thoughts. I can read novels the ‘old way’ again, not for the 20 minutes I can allocate during the busy day but at any time I choose, reading for hours and getting into the story. I can be and feel rather than do. This is a space where I find energy and I am happy.

We all have a happy place where we are able to slow down, recharge our batteries and just be. What is your place to recharge?


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